Flowers As A Birthday Gift, Is It A Good Combo?


Even if you are a 2 or 82-year-old birthday boy, you deserve to have your birthday celebrated with charm. With all your friends and loved ones gathering up to toast that joyful and worthy day every year.

Offering gifts is however a widely common way of wishing the person celebrating their special day “happy birthday”. But have you ever come across its beautiful alternative? That must be offering a delightful and fresh bouquet of their favorite birthday flowers in Dubai to let them know how delighted you are at this special day you have all gathered to celebrate.

You might wonder why flowers and how could ever be equivalent to the tradition of offering gifts on birthdays annually. Well, the answer is simple, flowers are naturally extremely expressive, delicate, and gratifying species, given these characteristics they make the process of conveying your emotions quite uncomplicated without uttering words to express them.

Whether you want to send your friend or loved one a bouquet for a birthday celebration or wedding flowers in Dubai wish them a very happy marriage anniversary in case you could not attend the function yourself. The “rose charms plants and cake shop in Dubai” are the best ones to entrust the task to.

Flowers To Send Your Friend On Their Birthday:

Every flower holds the same sentiments for a birthday offering nonetheless, however, some flowers got dedicated for this very purpose due to their remarkable meaning and fame that they possess, posing as a finer selection among the rest.

Here is the list of plants that are eligible to be selected and dispatched at the birthday boy/girl’s place.

  1. Roses:

Being 35,000,000 years old flower and undoubtedly the most famous and widely cultivated plant all around the world, it explains why every person all around the world is familiar with them and no occasion goes by without it being present there.

In addition, the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes it offers is breathtaking. Now the roses represent the feelings of “warmth and close attachment with someone” however with changing color the same meaning representing the rose as a whole also varies.

For example,

  • Red rose: intimate or loving emotions
  • Pink rose represents your admiration for someone
  • White rose: pure and non-profited emotions and attachment
  • Yellow rose: represents the friendly bond
  • Lavender rose: represents the feeling of falling someone at the first glance

Now, think carefully about what emotions you have kept aside for someone that you have been longing to express with these beautiful wedding flowers in Dubai roses today.

  1. Lilies:

Lilies are comparatively rarer than roses with only currently 100 species existing on the planet.

  • Daylilies
  • Easter lilies

However, the most common one found is known as “literal lilies” which have that unique “trumpet shape” with a segment of 6 petals. the color choices here are never-ending and have very attractive shapes and sizes.

These are the two famous birthday flowers in Dubai for you, to dispatch and wish them a prosperous life ahead.