Things to do in UK as tourist from India:


UK has a very long and rich history. You can experience a very advanced and modern lifestyle. Compromised of four countries: England, north Ireland, Wales and Scotland UK have much more to offer. You can visit outstanding museums, eateries, pubs to know about the life in UK. UK is also filled with many natural sights. Hire a UK visa consultant in Bangalore to carry out the visa process smoothly. Make sure to plan your visit wisely. Also keep in mind the weather difference between UK and India and pack you bags accordingly.

Things to do in UK:

UK is filled with many adventures here are some things you must do in UK:

Visit national parks: maybe UK isn’t that big in area, but it has different attractions for people. Countryside of UK is truly incredible and worth visiting. With the beautiful mountains and hills covered with greenery, mesmerizing lakes and other natural sights. Visit the national parks of UK to experience these.

Visit Jurassic coast: Jurassic coast is must visit in south England. This coast has its own historical value and a common attraction among tourists. The cliff of this beach increase the charm of Jurassic coast. You should also visit the historical town of this coast. Also don’t forget to visit lulworth cove. It’s a truly amazing sight, a shell shaped with white rock around. It’s a great place to visit in summer. You can also collect one of the oldest rocks in the world. There are also some restaurants to eat while enjoying this view.

Visit world-famous stone circle: The stone circle in Wales is very famous. As no one know about the true origin of this stone circle. That makes this circle more mysterious. Some believe it’s a burial side or some believe it’s a witchcraft. Many supernatural theories are associated with this magnificent sight.

Visit ancient volcano: You can’t visit an ancient volcano everywhere. I’m Edinburgh there is an ancient volcano that can be seen from every point of the city a grassy land known as Arthur’s seat. Take a stroll, admire the beauty of this land. And rest at the castle of Edinburgh.

See London from different point of view: Obviously London is a must-visit place of UK. Although you can admire the city while exploring. But you should also take a look at it from above. Go to the primrose hill to watch the entire City of London from London tower to Buckingham Palace from the hill.


Not only this but there are many things you can do in UK. If you’re visiting UK to decide on a place to settle. After experiencing the life of UK you would surely want to live there. It’s also one of the best places to work. If you wanted to work in UK visit a work visa agency in Mumbai to know about the details and then apply with their help. UK is rich both economically and with nature. Even the cities of UK have a unique charm.