Why Consider Visiting Australia with Your Family?


Australia is one of the prominent tourist places in the world, known for offering a safe environment for its visitors. It is famous for its good infrastructural facilities, various job opportunities, posh hotels, restaurants with tasty food and pubs. Apply for Australia visit visa for UAE residents today and enjoy yourself with your family there.

Best Tourist Destinations



The area is well-known for having the cleanest air among all places in the world. However, the tasty food, explicit gin, whiskeys and wines, fabulous festivals, world-class museums and wildlife sanctuaries filled with rare flora and fauna make it an ideal destination for tourists from around the world.

Sapphire Coast

The location is famous for its exquisite beaches, delicious oysters, native forests, ancient landscapes, and the beautifully stretched sea. It is easily accessible and is located halfway between Melbourne and Sydney, the famous cities in Australia.


The spot is a large sandstone formation in the heart of the Northern Territory, “the Red Centre”. It is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the

country. Visit the place today and see how the rock transforms into different colours during sunset and sunrise in front of your eyes.


Kangaroo Island

It is the third-largest island in Australia and is well-known for its sugar-white beaches, abundant wildlife, and national park. In addition, the place is famous

for the penguin colonies, sculpted rocks, shielded admirals’ architecture, carved stones, making them one of the best choices among tourists.

Far North Queensland

It is the northernmost area located in Queensland, a famous state in Australia. The site is renowned for the oldest rainforest, “The Daintree Rainforest”, the Great Barrier reef, tableland plateaus, and ecotourist destinations.

Costs to Travel to the Country

  • The round-trip air ticket to visit Sydney from Abu Dhabi in an economy class might cost not less than AED 5125.
  • The processing fee required to apply for a tourist visa to Australia might cost not less than AED 500.
  • The cost to have a one-time meal in a cheap restaurant in Australia might cost AED 52.47.
  • The cost to stay in a medium-range one-bed hotel room might amount to AED 4513.76, and a three-bed hotel room might cost AED 7492.02 per month in a city.
  • While the cost to stay in a one-bed hotel room might amount to AED 3503.35, and a three-bed hotel room might amount to AED 5249.67 in a non-city area.

Requirements to Apply for the Visit Visa

  • An original passport that is valid for at least six more months from the travel date,
  • Filled and signed form of application downloaded from the official site,
  • Two passport size colour photographs that taken recently,
  • A cover letter containing all the details needed for the travel,
  • Details that show the hotel or room reservations,
  • Proper financial documents indicating he has the necessary fund, and
  • Air tickets reserved to Australia and return to the first country.

Consult now to learn more about the process and requirements to apply for the Australian travel visa.